Monday, May 2, 2011

Cheap Fake Lashes From Ebay - Review

I recently saw these cheap boxes of false eyelashes on ebay and was curious to try since they were only $3.50 including postage.

I only ever use natural and short lashes that aren’t really noticeable, these are the first glamour style lashes they are really long and thick. I thought I’d try something different and give these a go.
Initially these were hard o put on. The lash line was thick and was not flexible. The lashes itself felt heavy, plasticy and stiff. However the overall look was nice. I would only wear this clubbing though because they do look pretty fake.

They were really cheap, $3.50 for a 10 pair box
Look nice, however do look fake
Were not comfortable and felt quite heavy
Hard to put on

I would probably purchase these again, they were pretty cheap and good to play around with.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dr Fish (Garra Rufa Fish), Fish Spa Review

First time dunking my feet in

Would you let a ton a little nibble away at your dead skin? Sounds horrible, but I tried this summer during my trip to Thailand. There are plenty of fish spas in Thailand and they are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Before I get to the review, here’s a little info about Garra Rufa fish.

Garra Rufa also named Doctor Fish is a small species of freshwater fish that was originally found in the North and Central Middle East (most commonly, Turkey).

Doctor fish is commonly used for treatment of skin patients with problems such as psoriasis and eczema. What the Doctor Fish does is gentle nibbles and sucks on dead skin leaving soft skin underneath (these fish only nibble on the dead skin). As the fish nibble away at your dead skin it releases an enzyme secretion and Dithranol which helps skin regenerate faster. So basically it’s like a natural exfoliate.

Now for my review

I was very hesitant at first to try the Garra Rufa fish spa treatment. First of all I hate fish and the idea of letting hundreds of fish eat my skin grossed me out. However I kept hearing how nice it makes your skin feel and I was so curious so I decided to give it a go. I chose a nice place in Koh Samui Thailand for my first go, it was a little pricey then the other places but this one seemed very clean and well maintained. I chose the regular foot and leg treatment, you can also do full body if you are game. When I first put my foot in it felt horrible because it was so ticklish. I ended up freaking out and I kept taking my legs out of the water. I then toughened up and kept my legs in the water without moving, I started getting use to the tickly feeling and it didn’t feel so bad after all.

After the 30 minute treatment was over I pulled my legs out and wow, my legs were really smooth. It felt like I had brand new skin. It even got rid of the ashy tone of my skin.  My boyfriend tried it too, he said it got rid of his hobbit feet, so it must be good.

I ended up really liking the treatment so when I was in Phuket I tried it again!!

Fish spa in Phuket

I give the Garra Rufa/ Dr Fish Spa a 4.5 out of 5

It lost the 0.5 because it’s kinda creepy to put your legs in water and also the hygienic factor. You need to make sure that you use a fish spa that does not let people with skin conditions use the same spa as which you are using. Most decent places has a separate spa for those with conditions such as  psoriasis and eczema to use. You don’t want to end up catch anything!! Also beware of imposter Garra Rufa fish. Garra Rufa fish have a distinct dot on the gill area, a black mark on its tail and its pigmentation is smooth.

So would you let your skin be eaten by these crazy creatures >.<

*Note: You can find Dr Fish all over Asia and they do have it in some states of the USA however it is difficult to find them in Australia as it is illegal to import them here.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Guess Who's Back

Yes I have decided to get back to blogging after so many months. This time I hope that I won't slack off again and disappear.

There are so many things that have happened since my last post and hopefully I will have a lot of new things to share with everyone.

I will stick with beauty blogging but lately I been going health and fitness crazy so I might include this in my blog as well.

Over the next few days you will probably see a few changes, one including new web site layout, because I'm sick of the current theme.

I also recently came back from my Thailand holiday, so I think I will include something on shopping in Thailand, from basics to fashion and beauty.

I also I have hanged my hair colour a million times I learnt so many things about hair care which hopefully I will post soon.

Thanks for everyone who are still following me. I am hoping to have a competition set up for you all!!

Stay Tuned!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review: Neutrogena WAVE + Blackhead Eliminating Pads

I recently received the Neutrogena Wave plus the Blackhead Eliminating Pads from to try out. I always wanted to try this but the price kinda made me avoid buying it so it was good getting a freebie.

The Blackhead Eliminating Pads are new. It contains gentle micro-beads which is embossed into the pad. I'm pretty sure the foaming cleanser is the same formula as the original pads. The Neutrogena Wave is suppose to give your 10x deeper cleanse than using regular cleanser and give you a tingly sensation.  So anyways, here's my opinion...
The actually wave came with 14 pads so if you use the pads morning and night it will only last a week which the box of cleansing pads itself come with 30.

First I tried the original pads...

and unfortunelty I wasn't so happy... I expected the product to foam like crazy like in the ads. But no nothing. I had to go use it on my face for a while before I started seeing any foam and when it did start foaming it wasn't much. I felt like I was just washing my face which a vibrating pad and water. I wasn't too keep on my face vibrating either.... When I took the pad off I noticed all the cleanser had sunk to the bottom of the pad this is probably why it wasn't foaming :(

Overall my face did feel cleaner, I didnt get a tingling sensation though...

Next day I tried the blackhead pads. They had these little orange dots so I'm guessing these are the micro-beads. The beads didn't really seem small and they were quite smooth when you run your finger on it. When I tried the wave with the blackhead pads I had the same problem with the wave not foaming up and it didn't really feel any different to the regular pads.

So basically I tried this out for a week. And heres the results... drum roll plz

So I noticed some of the stubborn blocked pores unblock and my skin felt a little smoother. But I didn't really notice a big difference with my blackheads. It made a little difference though. But you may be able to get the same effect using a facial buffer or a cleansing cloth which is more economic. I always thought this would be a simpler way to cleanse your face but it isn't, it took me much longer to set up and wash my face then I do with a regular cleanser. Not great if your in a rush in the morning.

reduce blocked pores and some blackheads

pricey, you'll need to keep replacing pads
doesn't foam up well
time consuming

overall I gave it 3.5/5

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid or ask to post this review. I'm not in anyway affiliated with Neutrogena. I was given this product by to try at home.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How I Saved My Damaged Hair

For anyone who has ever coloured their hair or chemically treat it probably know how I feel when it comes to damaged hair. Even though the last time I coloured my hair was about 6 months ago my hair was still feeling fried. The ends of my hair was just split end central and would just gather up turning into a birds nest. My hair was so dry I was also scared to brush it in fear my hair would just snap.

So a few weeks ago I decided to go on a mission, a mission to save my hair from all the damage it had been going through.  First off I had no choice but to cut a lot of length off. I had no choice, I had to get rid of the split ends. I don't think there is a cure for split ends, I know there are serums that claim they reseal split ends but honestly I don't know how it's even possible.

Next step was using a hair mask. I finally found one that worked for me, Fudge Dynamite. It's description reads "Intense repair treatment for tortured hair". When I first used this a bought the little satchel, because I didn't want to buy a bottle unless I loved it, cos quite frankly a lot of hair masks I've used just don't cut it. As soon as I applied this to my hair i felt like it was working and my hair had this silky smooth feeling. After washing it out and drying my hair, my hair felt so nice. So of course I went and bought the 1 litre. I used this in place of conditioner for 2 weeks. I wash my hair every second day. After the 2 week period my hair felt normal again.

Along with the mask I also used Elvive Anti-breakage Conditioning Spray. I use this daily. I prefer this over serums and leave in hair creams because it doesn't make my hair greasy. I spray this day and night lightly all over my hair and concentrate on the ends. I first used this in January it did make a difference with my hair but when used in conjunction with the mask it made a huge difference. I've tried over spray on conditioners most of them don't make a difference, lucky for me this works on my hair. I like this because its easy to buy I got mine from the supermarket.

In regards to shampoos and conditioners I've yet to find the perfect one. So I'm still using some random ones I bought in bulk. They are OK but aren't doing anything for my hair. If you have any to recommend please comment!!

My general tips in don't colour or chemically treat it unless your sure to keep up my the maintenance for hair care. Mine got damaged because I got lazy to treat my hair. When using hair treatment try to purchase a satchel or get a sample. Just because it works really well for one person doesn't when it will work for you. Last but not least cute seriously damaged ends before they get worse. Basically if your ends start to look like dried noodles it's time for chop.

I wish I had a before and after pic but I kinda avoided the cameras when my hair was a complete boof.

Anyways thanks for reading, I hope u all have a happy hair day!!!

PS: all products were purchased myself I'm not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion Haul: Ladakh Warehouse Sale

Today I went to the Ladakh Warehouse Sale. When I got there there was a line and the warehouse was packed full of girls looking for a bargains. The smart ones brought along their boyfriends to carry their stash. Every item was $10 which included jeans, dresses, tops, etc. I had a practical class so I was only ale to rummage through the clothes for 40 minutes which was difficult because there was clothes everywhere. I ended up having to get most pieces one size up because there was barely any small sizes left. Since everything was $10 they decided not to have a change room so I pretty much winged it and grabbed whatever looked decent without really thinking. In total I ended up getting 15 item in total. Which is crazy for me because I hardly shop a lot. Most my items have studs. I think it's my inner rock chick in me. I wasn't able to post all the pics because they came out really blurry but here's some of the stuff I got.

i got 2 shorts a distressed white one and studded denim and 2 tops. One of them was a crop top. I love crop tops, I wear them at the beach and when I do my yoga. I will probably have to wait till summer to wear these though.

 The is my first maxi dress I've ever purchased. I didn't really like it that much but once I got home and tried it I felt so pretty in it. The lighting sucks it's actually purpley. 

I thought this dress would look pretty on but I'm not so fond of it. But I'll definitely wear it on my next night out though. It just plain white with gold sequins, the back is strappy though.

here are a couple of of casual dresses, I think I have to iron these out because they look a lil frumpy, but I think these will look nice if a pair them with a nice belt and some accessories.
I also got some plain black dresses, with a lil twist. The back of these dresses are so nice. One of these dresses is a bit big so I need to sew it. 
this top looked so nice on the rack but doesnt look so flattering... sigh.... I'll try to make it work though the neck line is too pretty.
i love this top is loose and sheer the, photo doesn't do it any justice. I can't wait to wear this to the beach with a bikini underneath.

All the clothes were from the summer line, it's close to winter here so I have to wait to wear some of these =( I think I'm going to stay away from sales from now on though I'm really bad at resisting.

Fave trends at the moment:
studs, loose fitting clothing, zips, off shoulder shirts, lots of bangles

thanks for reading x also thanks to all the lovely ladies who comment and follow my blog. love you!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quick Update + Some Contests Worth Joining

Gosh I been really slack updated my blog, I pretty much been slammed with so much uni work the last two weeks. So I pretty much have no life at the moment. I been trying update my layout a bit I added my twitter, but bare with me I don't know how to use it!!!

Anyways here are some contests to check out first is

The Real Deal Reviews

Winner receieves two MAC lipsticks, how great is that?!!!! It's also open to international followers!!


Princesa Livia's Summer Give Away
She's having a super awesome summer giveaway. The prize has everything this you need to look fab in summer.

the contest is also open to international followers!