Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review: Neutrogena WAVE + Blackhead Eliminating Pads

I recently received the Neutrogena Wave plus the Blackhead Eliminating Pads from to try out. I always wanted to try this but the price kinda made me avoid buying it so it was good getting a freebie.

The Blackhead Eliminating Pads are new. It contains gentle micro-beads which is embossed into the pad. I'm pretty sure the foaming cleanser is the same formula as the original pads. The Neutrogena Wave is suppose to give your 10x deeper cleanse than using regular cleanser and give you a tingly sensation.  So anyways, here's my opinion...
The actually wave came with 14 pads so if you use the pads morning and night it will only last a week which the box of cleansing pads itself come with 30.

First I tried the original pads...

and unfortunelty I wasn't so happy... I expected the product to foam like crazy like in the ads. But no nothing. I had to go use it on my face for a while before I started seeing any foam and when it did start foaming it wasn't much. I felt like I was just washing my face which a vibrating pad and water. I wasn't too keep on my face vibrating either.... When I took the pad off I noticed all the cleanser had sunk to the bottom of the pad this is probably why it wasn't foaming :(

Overall my face did feel cleaner, I didnt get a tingling sensation though...

Next day I tried the blackhead pads. They had these little orange dots so I'm guessing these are the micro-beads. The beads didn't really seem small and they were quite smooth when you run your finger on it. When I tried the wave with the blackhead pads I had the same problem with the wave not foaming up and it didn't really feel any different to the regular pads.

So basically I tried this out for a week. And heres the results... drum roll plz

So I noticed some of the stubborn blocked pores unblock and my skin felt a little smoother. But I didn't really notice a big difference with my blackheads. It made a little difference though. But you may be able to get the same effect using a facial buffer or a cleansing cloth which is more economic. I always thought this would be a simpler way to cleanse your face but it isn't, it took me much longer to set up and wash my face then I do with a regular cleanser. Not great if your in a rush in the morning.

reduce blocked pores and some blackheads

pricey, you'll need to keep replacing pads
doesn't foam up well
time consuming

overall I gave it 3.5/5

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid or ask to post this review. I'm not in anyway affiliated with Neutrogena. I was given this product by to try at home.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How I Saved My Damaged Hair

For anyone who has ever coloured their hair or chemically treat it probably know how I feel when it comes to damaged hair. Even though the last time I coloured my hair was about 6 months ago my hair was still feeling fried. The ends of my hair was just split end central and would just gather up turning into a birds nest. My hair was so dry I was also scared to brush it in fear my hair would just snap.

So a few weeks ago I decided to go on a mission, a mission to save my hair from all the damage it had been going through.  First off I had no choice but to cut a lot of length off. I had no choice, I had to get rid of the split ends. I don't think there is a cure for split ends, I know there are serums that claim they reseal split ends but honestly I don't know how it's even possible.

Next step was using a hair mask. I finally found one that worked for me, Fudge Dynamite. It's description reads "Intense repair treatment for tortured hair". When I first used this a bought the little satchel, because I didn't want to buy a bottle unless I loved it, cos quite frankly a lot of hair masks I've used just don't cut it. As soon as I applied this to my hair i felt like it was working and my hair had this silky smooth feeling. After washing it out and drying my hair, my hair felt so nice. So of course I went and bought the 1 litre. I used this in place of conditioner for 2 weeks. I wash my hair every second day. After the 2 week period my hair felt normal again.

Along with the mask I also used Elvive Anti-breakage Conditioning Spray. I use this daily. I prefer this over serums and leave in hair creams because it doesn't make my hair greasy. I spray this day and night lightly all over my hair and concentrate on the ends. I first used this in January it did make a difference with my hair but when used in conjunction with the mask it made a huge difference. I've tried over spray on conditioners most of them don't make a difference, lucky for me this works on my hair. I like this because its easy to buy I got mine from the supermarket.

In regards to shampoos and conditioners I've yet to find the perfect one. So I'm still using some random ones I bought in bulk. They are OK but aren't doing anything for my hair. If you have any to recommend please comment!!

My general tips in don't colour or chemically treat it unless your sure to keep up my the maintenance for hair care. Mine got damaged because I got lazy to treat my hair. When using hair treatment try to purchase a satchel or get a sample. Just because it works really well for one person doesn't when it will work for you. Last but not least cute seriously damaged ends before they get worse. Basically if your ends start to look like dried noodles it's time for chop.

I wish I had a before and after pic but I kinda avoided the cameras when my hair was a complete boof.

Anyways thanks for reading, I hope u all have a happy hair day!!!

PS: all products were purchased myself I'm not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion Haul: Ladakh Warehouse Sale

Today I went to the Ladakh Warehouse Sale. When I got there there was a line and the warehouse was packed full of girls looking for a bargains. The smart ones brought along their boyfriends to carry their stash. Every item was $10 which included jeans, dresses, tops, etc. I had a practical class so I was only ale to rummage through the clothes for 40 minutes which was difficult because there was clothes everywhere. I ended up having to get most pieces one size up because there was barely any small sizes left. Since everything was $10 they decided not to have a change room so I pretty much winged it and grabbed whatever looked decent without really thinking. In total I ended up getting 15 item in total. Which is crazy for me because I hardly shop a lot. Most my items have studs. I think it's my inner rock chick in me. I wasn't able to post all the pics because they came out really blurry but here's some of the stuff I got.

i got 2 shorts a distressed white one and studded denim and 2 tops. One of them was a crop top. I love crop tops, I wear them at the beach and when I do my yoga. I will probably have to wait till summer to wear these though.

 The is my first maxi dress I've ever purchased. I didn't really like it that much but once I got home and tried it I felt so pretty in it. The lighting sucks it's actually purpley. 

I thought this dress would look pretty on but I'm not so fond of it. But I'll definitely wear it on my next night out though. It just plain white with gold sequins, the back is strappy though.

here are a couple of of casual dresses, I think I have to iron these out because they look a lil frumpy, but I think these will look nice if a pair them with a nice belt and some accessories.
I also got some plain black dresses, with a lil twist. The back of these dresses are so nice. One of these dresses is a bit big so I need to sew it. 
this top looked so nice on the rack but doesnt look so flattering... sigh.... I'll try to make it work though the neck line is too pretty.
i love this top is loose and sheer the, photo doesn't do it any justice. I can't wait to wear this to the beach with a bikini underneath.

All the clothes were from the summer line, it's close to winter here so I have to wait to wear some of these =( I think I'm going to stay away from sales from now on though I'm really bad at resisting.

Fave trends at the moment:
studs, loose fitting clothing, zips, off shoulder shirts, lots of bangles

thanks for reading x also thanks to all the lovely ladies who comment and follow my blog. love you!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quick Update + Some Contests Worth Joining

Gosh I been really slack updated my blog, I pretty much been slammed with so much uni work the last two weeks. So I pretty much have no life at the moment. I been trying update my layout a bit I added my twitter, but bare with me I don't know how to use it!!!

Anyways here are some contests to check out first is

The Real Deal Reviews

Winner receieves two MAC lipsticks, how great is that?!!!! It's also open to international followers!!


Princesa Livia's Summer Give Away
She's having a super awesome summer giveaway. The prize has everything this you need to look fab in summer.

the contest is also open to international followers!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nars Deep Throat Blush has turned me into a potty mouth

After seeing so many gorgeous pics and review I finally succumbed and bought my first Nars blush. And let me tell you I'm so in love. I was tossing up between Nars Orgasm and Deep Throat. They were both pretty similar but the gold shimmer in the Orgasm was a bit chunkier and the one in Deep throat was finer. So I chose the Deep Throat (everytime I say deep throat I feel so dirty >.< ). It gives a nice flush with a golden sheen (I'm using is in my pic). Great for a instant glow. I think this is perfect for tanned skin, I find a lot of other blushes out there don't show up on my skin too well. It also has great staying power. The only downside is it is so expensive. In Australia this is sold for $62 (which is about $58 US dollars). I know you can buy them a little cheaper on ebay but the risk of buying a fake is huge (I will be making a future blog about this later). I think my next Nars blush might either be Taos or Torrid. I can't decide. But yeah I'm loving their blush.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thanks Jahnice!!!

Hi everyone... I'm so happy a couple of days ago I received a cute package from the gorgeous jahnice, it was a prize that I won in her blog contest.

it was a mystery gift so I had no clue was I was gonna get. But I was definitely happy with what I received!!! I cant wait to try the nail colours been wanting to get a decent blue colour for a while now. 

I was suppose to post this earlier but I had to go to bathurst and camp out there because and boyfriend, his brother and his dad was involved in some car race thing. So I had no communication with the outside world. Plus I didn't know I was going until 30 minutes before hand so I couldn't even charge my phone. Straight after the camp trip I had an exam straight after so yeah was a busy week. But at least my boyfriend got a trophy.

It was also hard for my to post anything both my laptop and my boyfriends laptop is no longer working but lucky for me I set up my old computer in my apartment so I have something to use. For some reason everything electronic breaks around me.

I really need to start posting more.... I'm so lazy I know but I get distracted easily!!! I'm also thinking of doing tutorials tooo, hmmmmm.

Also I forgot to mention I finally got a new haircut, I haven't cut my hair since December. I'm not too fond of it. No matter where I get my hair cut and how I tell them to cut my hair I also end up with the Rachel-do (from Friends). Its like as soon as they hear the word layers automatically that's what they think I want.

And don't forget to visit Jahnice's Blog!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

For my Aussie followers... Priceline sale!!

Just a quick post for the aussie shoppers out there reading my blog, Priceline is doing a sale tomroow and wednesday (13 to 14th of April) 20% off all cosmetics and skincare. wooot!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tutorial: Turn Your Digital Photos into Polaroids

This is kinda a random post. I kept seeing cute polaroid pics on facebook and always wondered how people made those, then yesterday after googling I finally found a program that makes it instantly. It even gives your photos a vintage photograph effect. And its free!!

I'll do a easy tutorial even though it's pretty easy you probably won't need my help!

Here is how to do it....

First download the program at then install and open the program

now open your folder containing photos you want to turn in to polaroids and drag the photo to the camera

now you can see your photo developing, you'll need to wait for it to develop if you like the image while its developing you can always hit right click and ask to have a sample now.

you will know when its finished when it has a little scribble thing  on the bottom right corner it will also make a noise

the pictures should be stored in you image folder if you can't find it then right click on the photo there should be a message like the screenshot below and if you click it, it should open up the folder where the polaroids are stored. By the way you can develop as much pics at the one time you don't need to wait for each one to finish.

And heres some quick pics I took today...

by the way I did change around my layout, I was playing around which I hate it though, I just wanted a little more room on my blog because the previous layout seemed like everything was too compressed. I'm waiting to get my computer set up so I can actually design something myself. Any hooo thanks for reading!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quick FOTD before I go out

I decided to make a quick post before I got out since Im still waiting for my boyfriend to get ready. He always takes forever!!! Anyways it's been a while since I've been out I only ever go out if it's someones bday.

My hair curler broke so I made a poor attempt to curl my hair with a cheapo hair straightener.

Anyways on my face I'm wearing

Model Co Primer
Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation
Loreal infallible concealer
Mac Ripe Peach Blush Ombre
Dior Skin Forever powder

My eyes

88 eye shadow palette
Coastal Scents gel liner
red cherry lashes
Maybelline Colossal Mascara

The lips

Revlon lipstick in Orange Soda mixed with YSL lippie in #64 Tourbill Rose

I decided to wear my black front zip dress. My Bf isnt really that great at taking pics of me lol!

And here's my hand bag essentials minus my camera and phone

Anyways time to head off being picked up soon!!!

Model Co Primer Kicks Ass

Model Co Face Base Skin Primer has been my favourite primer for many years. I try to make the most of it so I only use it on weekend and nights out and I use a cheaper primer (by face of australia) on the weekdays. I was close to running out but lucky for me I found out there was a sale at David Jones. Currently they are doing 30% off all primers and foundations. I'm using it in my current pic and it makes your skin look flawless and it fills in any lines or pores on your face.

At first it was a hassle for me to get this primer. The David Jones at Burwood was sold out and there wasn't a Model Co worker in there I asks the other David Jones staff but they didn't know if there was anymore left stored somewhere else. I went in another day and the staff were too busy talking amongst them selves to serve me so I just left. I ended up going to David Jones in the city. Lucky for me there was still plenty of primer left. The shop assistant was really nice too and she told me if I bought two primers not only do I get the discount but I also receive a free Model Co gift set. I couldn't resist.

The gift set looks really nice in the picture but the products are really small. It comes with a little bag, black eyeliner pencil, mirror, lipgloss, lipstick, mini primer and a mini bronzer. Still pretty good though.

If you live in Australia and love Model Co I reckon I should go to David Jones and check it out this weekend as I think the offer will expire by Monday.

And now to talk about the primer...

In Australia this costs $34 (without the discount) Which is decent for a high quality primer. You can buy it online at the Model Co website or you can buy this at department stores such as David Jones or Myer.

If you don't like silicon or cant wear silicon this is probably something to avoid because it's pretty much silicon in a bottle.

How I use it
Initially I found this hard to use and I hated it at first. If you don't use it correctly you'll find it peeling while you are applying foundation.

I normally apply moisture and eye gel before I apply my primer and leave it for about 10 mins to absorb.

Next I apply the primer... it says to use liberally but I only use about 2 small pea size drops and apply it all over my face with my finger tips.

I then leave it to dry for about 2 to 2 1/2 mins. The texture is very velvety and smooth. The primer is clear too, Im not a fan of primer with colour in it because it makes my face look super white in pics

After that I apply my foundation with a light hand and then I'm done!!

It makes your foundation last at least 10 hours (of course depending on the foundation). I'm not sure how long exactly it lasts as I don't usually leave my foundation on my face any longer than 10 hours. Make sure you was your face thoroughly afterwards though since this primer has alot of silicon in it.

Overall I love this primer.

Anyways hows everyones long weekend? Minds great I been lazy instead of studying. Also I been addicted to my bf's iphone. I was planning to make my own layout but yeah looks like that ain't happening!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I heart sales!

I'm on a spending ban and I did so well but every time I see something on sale I can never resist. The Chemist Warehouse had all these signs saying cosmetics were 20 to 40% off so I just thought I would have a sneak peek. To my surprise I found Urban Decays Brow Beater for $3 each. You can not get anything made be Urban Decay in Australia even online (except ebay which is way over priced). It was two sided one side being a normal eyebrow pencil and the other a waxy pencil. I was in need of something to tame my untame-able brows so I bought 3. Hopefully this will last me the year. Most of the other products on sale were old discontinued stuff so I didn't really buy anything else except a Revlon Moisture Stay Lipcolor which was only $10. It contains menthol so it has a cooling sensation which i lurveee. I got it in Orange Soda which I'm wearing in the pics. The colour is so pretty I use to have a orangey pinky lipstick before but I lost it :(. I have to wear concealer underneath this though because it's a little bright.

I have so much lippies now I've made a promise not to buy any unless it's something that isn't similar to what I already own. That means no more purchasing nude lipsticks!!!


April Anthena's Massive Beauty Giveaway

April Anthena from is having a massive giveaway

Click here to enter!!

She also has a youtube chanel. Check her out she's awesome!!

the giveaway is huge!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FOTD - Seeing Silver

Just a quick FOTD I'm using my new 88 warm palette and my fave Revlon matte lippie in mauve it over. I'm also trialling my new foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix without primer to see how long it actually lasts (it claims 16 hours...) Im still cameraless, so sorry for the crappy quality I'm using my video camera to take snap shots.

Anyways.. how's everyones New years resolution going so far? I made a few my major ones is to keep myself more organised and my second one was to get fit and healthy. I kinda failed at the organisation one but I'm using the excuse that I've just moved out and haven't got settled yet. As for being healthy I'm pretty proud of myself. I still eat naughty food but I've increased the amount of fruit and veges I eat throughout the day. Also I been doing yoga about 5 times a week and I've kept at it. Usually I give up an exercise routine after 2 weeks. I feel so much better now.

Anyways I'm off, have a nice day =)

PS I removed my eyelash extension (im wearing red cherry temporary lashes in the pic), I just hated them for so many reasons and yes it was painful....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Eyelash Extensions

Hi there!!! This Wednesday I got my first eyelash extensions.

Basically what happened was my friend told me about this beauty salon called Catwalk, that they were looking for models for staff to train on for eyelash extensions. I was a bit iffy but I thought I'd give it a go because I know teachers are there watching them and won't let you go out unless it was up to their standards. Plus I always wanted to try them as an alternative to wearing false lashes and mascara.

They later called to confirm the date and told me I had to pay $15 to cover the cost of the lashes. I was pretty pissed because I knew it didn't cost that much for the lashes and I felt like I was paying for the staffs training, I was put on the spot so I just said yes anyways.
When I got there we were seated in in the seats with the basins were they use to wash hair. And then they pulled out the lashes. It was these:

As soon as a saw them I was like "crap" these are the ones I use at home (as temporary lashes) and I old my friend I pay $5.90 for those. I was hoping they would use the single lash ones so I was disappointed when I saw these clusters as I knew it wasn't going to look great especially when your lashes start to grow out. But it was too late to back out I was already sitting in the chair and I had already paid for the lashes.
The glue was black so it wasn't really noticeable, the fumes really make your eyes teary. I recommend having tissues in your hand. What they did was place each clustered lash underneath the lash line. So pretty much from the top they don't look so fake. I asked for a natural look so they placed short lashes in the middle to inner corner and the medium size lashes in the middle the outer corners of my eye.

The end result...
more pics at the end...

They don't look too bad in the pictures but in person they are obviously fake. When I got home one side look alright but one side look like they put short lashes when they were suppose to put medium. So I'm going to need to try and shape these myself. I did ask the trainer to fix them up and trim them but she didn't really do that great of a job. The glue dries really hard and all your lashes feel like they are stuck together. So my lashes ended up feeling like plastic. I also feel like I can see my lashes and they take a 1/4 of my vision. Initially your eyes feel heavy but it goes away in about 1 to 2 days. Overall they are not that bad it just looks like I put dramatic false lashes on. If they do it right i shouldn't feel uncomfortable so when your don't wait around for 30 mins and start opening and closing your eyes to make sure you don't feel anything. I didn't do this and when I got home I realised they glued one lash to far in and was hitting the skin.
These last about 3 weeks and they give you a guide on how to take care of them, I'm actually doing the opposite in hope the glue wears off and the false lashes will eventually fall off. So far not working the glue is very strong, in fact I think they probably put too much, but I guess they were training.

So is it a good idea to be a test dummy. At this place probably not. There was so many trainee staff working on me so the lashes were not consistent. Plus the trainers weren't watching half the time. I also felt some of the trainees were just doing it for the hell of it not because they really wanted to learn. It doesn't mean being a model is bad. I've been a model before and as long as you got a student who's really into what they are doing and there is a teacher constantly guiding them its usually fine. It just usually would take double the time of whatever you are doing. Also most places won't charge you.
Overall I'm so so on these lashes. I do not regret getting them done but I would not get these done at the same place again, even if it was by a properly trained staff. If I get eyelash extension again I will definitely ask whether they are using the single lashes or clusters because these did not look natural. I find my red cherry temporary lashes look better. I find it looks too full on especially going to class. Also it attracts weirdos. I been getting perverts hassling me on the train and I know its because of the lashes. Basically I don't hate them but I can't to get these off!!
here's the rest of the pics....

from the top

This eye they did ok except if you can see there was a lash that they glued to so it felt so uncomfortable but i managed to get rid of it

I didn't like this eye they either placed some wrong sized hairs or missed a spot.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

88 Warm/Neutral Palette

I was so excited my boyfriend call me from work and said "are you expecting a package?" I was like "YES!!" Its was my 88 warm palette I had been waiting for. The shadows were really small, I knew they were small but not that small. Plus I was disappointed 2 shadows were crushed so I tried to repair them using rubbing alcohol. I will be doing a review on this later after I used it a couple times. So happy I got this before classes start!!! And sorry for the crappy pic I had to use my bf's phone since I'm still cameraless...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Summer Favourites ♥

It's nearly the end of summer for Australia. I thought I would share my favourite beauty products that helped me survive the summer.

#1 Kojic Acid Soap
I got this soap while I was on holidays initially to help even my skin tone. I ended up trying it on my face and it help get rid of all my nasty breakouts. I help this kind of soap gives a tingly sensation but it was fine for me, it was probably because I got the soap for sensitive skin. I'm not sure if its doing much to even my skin tone I think I will need to use it longer. But it's given me clear skin so, so far I'm in love with this soap!!

#2 Australis Jumbo Bronzer
It's huge so you can use a large brush and brush it over your body. It's light but pigmented and best of all... its a natural bronze brown colour so you wont look like a carrot. And best of all it's affordable too!!

#3 Face of Australia Primer
I bought this to replace my Model Co. primer. It's not as good as Model Co. but it does the job. Now that its summer I've found primer is a must and I needed an inexpensive primer that I could use daily. I gave this a shot and thought it was actually pretty good. Even sweating out in the Australian heat my foundation would still last the day. I'm probably going to keep sticking with this to use during the day and use my Model Co. primer on nights out.

#4 Revlon Matte Lipstick - Mauve it over
I used this nearly everyday in summer. The colour is nice and subtle. It's great if you want a neutral look with a touch of colour

#5 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch 50+ Sunblock
I bought this when I was in Taiwan since Australia does not sell anything higher than 30+ sunscreen (it's illegal to sell that here in fact). I wish I got this earlier before I burnt my face. Anyways I thought it was way better than my 30+ sunblock, I didn't get burnt while using this product. Only problem was I kept forgetting to reapply this.

I guess that my top 5 for this summer, another honorable mention would be my clean and clear oil control film. I think it's oneof my staple product to use all year round

thanks for reading

xo Reeskies

sorry i dont have proper pics =( I'm still cameraless

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cameraless =(

My sony camera's battery died after taking pics for for my XL lippy review and my charger no longer will work. Last week my boyfriend decided to go all hulk on me and smash the canon camera to pieces. Yup stoopid guys and their rage attacks!!! I thought well at least my video camera can take pics, but guess what... my boyfriend can't remember where the charger is!! I have a blackberry but it takes the worst photos ever so yeah no photo blogs for a while.... I'm going to try and go back to my mums and see if I can find my spare charger for my sony if not I'll have to wait till the new charger for my video camera arrives. This sucks I finally have a decent fashion haul to post!!! These things seem to always happen to me >.< .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: Maybelline XL Seduction Plumping Lipcolour

For my first review I decided to do it on the Maybelline XL Seduction Plumping Lipcolour. Its a lipcolour that contains collagen to give you lips a plumping effect. I own 6 of the 10 colours.

Colours from left to right: 120 peach plum, 140 petal attraction, 150 born with it, 180 berry desirable, 620 in the nude, 640 tantalizing toffee

Colours from left to right: 120 peach plum, 140 petal attraction, 150 born with it, 180 berry desirable, 620 in the nude, 640 tantalizing toffee

Does it work?
It does give a slight tingling sensation to your lips. Its not as strong as lip fusion or too faced' lip injection. I think it plumped my lips a little but there wasn't a noticeable difference. I find it doesn't work as well on dry lips. But I do prefer this over other lip plumping lipsticks, other lipsticks usually make my lips go red, especially around the edges. Not a good look >.<

Does it last?
The finish is pretty glossy, I find I can go without lip gloss wearing this. But the shine does go away after about an hour and the colour lasts about 3 hours. The plumping sensation last about 10 minutes for me

What I don't like...
It can easily come off, its not very pigmented. I really need to have lip liner underneath for the colour to show (I have really dark lips!! =( )

What I like...
I like the colours, I think they are pretty wearable and I love how it makes my lips feel. Even if it doesn't plump my lip it does make my lips feel lush.

Will I purchase again?
Well I did buy 6 so I guess so. But I don't think I'll purchase anymore after this I think I have enough colours. I loved Peach Plum, it's my favourite colour out of the bunch, it would probably be the only one I would repurchase.

I rate this 7/10

thanks for reading