Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review: Neutrogena WAVE + Blackhead Eliminating Pads

I recently received the Neutrogena Wave plus the Blackhead Eliminating Pads from to try out. I always wanted to try this but the price kinda made me avoid buying it so it was good getting a freebie.

The Blackhead Eliminating Pads are new. It contains gentle micro-beads which is embossed into the pad. I'm pretty sure the foaming cleanser is the same formula as the original pads. The Neutrogena Wave is suppose to give your 10x deeper cleanse than using regular cleanser and give you a tingly sensation.  So anyways, here's my opinion...
The actually wave came with 14 pads so if you use the pads morning and night it will only last a week which the box of cleansing pads itself come with 30.

First I tried the original pads...

and unfortunelty I wasn't so happy... I expected the product to foam like crazy like in the ads. But no nothing. I had to go use it on my face for a while before I started seeing any foam and when it did start foaming it wasn't much. I felt like I was just washing my face which a vibrating pad and water. I wasn't too keep on my face vibrating either.... When I took the pad off I noticed all the cleanser had sunk to the bottom of the pad this is probably why it wasn't foaming :(

Overall my face did feel cleaner, I didnt get a tingling sensation though...

Next day I tried the blackhead pads. They had these little orange dots so I'm guessing these are the micro-beads. The beads didn't really seem small and they were quite smooth when you run your finger on it. When I tried the wave with the blackhead pads I had the same problem with the wave not foaming up and it didn't really feel any different to the regular pads.

So basically I tried this out for a week. And heres the results... drum roll plz

So I noticed some of the stubborn blocked pores unblock and my skin felt a little smoother. But I didn't really notice a big difference with my blackheads. It made a little difference though. But you may be able to get the same effect using a facial buffer or a cleansing cloth which is more economic. I always thought this would be a simpler way to cleanse your face but it isn't, it took me much longer to set up and wash my face then I do with a regular cleanser. Not great if your in a rush in the morning.

reduce blocked pores and some blackheads

pricey, you'll need to keep replacing pads
doesn't foam up well
time consuming

overall I gave it 3.5/5

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid or ask to post this review. I'm not in anyway affiliated with Neutrogena. I was given this product by to try at home.


  1. I wasn't impressed with this either. It made my dry skin really bad! xx

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