Tuesday, February 23, 2010

88 Warm/Neutral Palette

I was so excited my boyfriend call me from work and said "are you expecting a package?" I was like "YES!!" Its was my 88 warm palette I had been waiting for. The shadows were really small, I knew they were small but not that small. Plus I was disappointed 2 shadows were crushed so I tried to repair them using rubbing alcohol. I will be doing a review on this later after I used it a couple times. So happy I got this before classes start!!! And sorry for the crappy pic I had to use my bf's phone since I'm still cameraless...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Summer Favourites ♥

It's nearly the end of summer for Australia. I thought I would share my favourite beauty products that helped me survive the summer.

#1 Kojic Acid Soap
I got this soap while I was on holidays initially to help even my skin tone. I ended up trying it on my face and it help get rid of all my nasty breakouts. I help this kind of soap gives a tingly sensation but it was fine for me, it was probably because I got the soap for sensitive skin. I'm not sure if its doing much to even my skin tone I think I will need to use it longer. But it's given me clear skin so, so far I'm in love with this soap!!

#2 Australis Jumbo Bronzer
It's huge so you can use a large brush and brush it over your body. It's light but pigmented and best of all... its a natural bronze brown colour so you wont look like a carrot. And best of all it's affordable too!!

#3 Face of Australia Primer
I bought this to replace my Model Co. primer. It's not as good as Model Co. but it does the job. Now that its summer I've found primer is a must and I needed an inexpensive primer that I could use daily. I gave this a shot and thought it was actually pretty good. Even sweating out in the Australian heat my foundation would still last the day. I'm probably going to keep sticking with this to use during the day and use my Model Co. primer on nights out.

#4 Revlon Matte Lipstick - Mauve it over
I used this nearly everyday in summer. The colour is nice and subtle. It's great if you want a neutral look with a touch of colour

#5 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch 50+ Sunblock
I bought this when I was in Taiwan since Australia does not sell anything higher than 30+ sunscreen (it's illegal to sell that here in fact). I wish I got this earlier before I burnt my face. Anyways I thought it was way better than my 30+ sunblock, I didn't get burnt while using this product. Only problem was I kept forgetting to reapply this.

I guess that my top 5 for this summer, another honorable mention would be my clean and clear oil control film. I think it's oneof my staple product to use all year round

thanks for reading

xo Reeskies

sorry i dont have proper pics =( I'm still cameraless

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cameraless =(

My sony camera's battery died after taking pics for for my XL lippy review and my charger no longer will work. Last week my boyfriend decided to go all hulk on me and smash the canon camera to pieces. Yup stoopid guys and their rage attacks!!! I thought well at least my video camera can take pics, but guess what... my boyfriend can't remember where the charger is!! I have a blackberry but it takes the worst photos ever so yeah no photo blogs for a while.... I'm going to try and go back to my mums and see if I can find my spare charger for my sony if not I'll have to wait till the new charger for my video camera arrives. This sucks I finally have a decent fashion haul to post!!! These things seem to always happen to me >.< .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: Maybelline XL Seduction Plumping Lipcolour

For my first review I decided to do it on the Maybelline XL Seduction Plumping Lipcolour. Its a lipcolour that contains collagen to give you lips a plumping effect. I own 6 of the 10 colours.

Colours from left to right: 120 peach plum, 140 petal attraction, 150 born with it, 180 berry desirable, 620 in the nude, 640 tantalizing toffee

Colours from left to right: 120 peach plum, 140 petal attraction, 150 born with it, 180 berry desirable, 620 in the nude, 640 tantalizing toffee

Does it work?
It does give a slight tingling sensation to your lips. Its not as strong as lip fusion or too faced' lip injection. I think it plumped my lips a little but there wasn't a noticeable difference. I find it doesn't work as well on dry lips. But I do prefer this over other lip plumping lipsticks, other lipsticks usually make my lips go red, especially around the edges. Not a good look >.<

Does it last?
The finish is pretty glossy, I find I can go without lip gloss wearing this. But the shine does go away after about an hour and the colour lasts about 3 hours. The plumping sensation last about 10 minutes for me

What I don't like...
It can easily come off, its not very pigmented. I really need to have lip liner underneath for the colour to show (I have really dark lips!! =( )

What I like...
I like the colours, I think they are pretty wearable and I love how it makes my lips feel. Even if it doesn't plump my lip it does make my lips feel lush.

Will I purchase again?
Well I did buy 6 so I guess so. But I don't think I'll purchase anymore after this I think I have enough colours. I loved Peach Plum, it's my favourite colour out of the bunch, it would probably be the only one I would repurchase.

I rate this 7/10

thanks for reading

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kate Gene's 100+ followers Giveaway!!

The lovely Kate Gene is having a giveaway for her followers!!!

The giveaway includes:

Korres Lip Butter in Guava
♥ valued at: $9.00

Philosophy - On a Clear Day Acne Skin Kit
♥ valued at $65.00 (A $105.00 total retail value!)
♥ This four piece set is used to prevent and treat acne, as well as fade post-acne discoloration. It also reduces signs of aging.

Thanks Kate for offering a fantastic giveaway!!

Miss P's 200+ Followers Giveaway

Miss P is having an awesome giveaway at her blog. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Here's what the winner will get

Prizes include:
Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Glitz & Glam Travel Brush Set with Case (1 blusher brush, 1 eyeshadow brush, 1 angled eye shadow brush, 1 crease brush and 1 black zippered case)
Revlon Fantasy Length Lashes in "Flirty"
NARS Duo Lip Gloss in Boogie Nights/Giza
MAC Eye Shadow in "Straw Harvest" from the 2010 MAC Spring Colour 2 Forecast Collection ("Straw Harvest" is a gorgeous shade of warm peachy gold in a pearl finish)
Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow in Ivy Icon
She has a wonderful blog, she's definitely worth checking out!!

Bourjois Sale

Priceline is currently having a bourjois sale. 50% off all items!!!! I'm not sure if the sale is still on but its worth a try to check it out. I ended up getting two foundations. First was the Hour Sleep Effect foundation and second one was the healthy mix. I also picked up a Maybelline XL seduction lipstick in Petal Attraction to add to my collection. I now have 6 of the 10 colours. I'm not sure if I'll be getting anymore, I think I might wait until the Color Sensational Lipcolor comes out in Australia.

I find buying foundations in Australia hard for me because colour selection here is so bad here for anyone who has darker skin. Sometimes even the darkest foundation ends up being too light for me. Lucky for me Bourjois actually has colours to match my skin tone. After the discount the foundations ended up being around $15 AUD each which is very cheap for foundation here.

The 10 hour Sleep Effect is what I'm currently using for summer. The colour I'm using is abricote' 75. It's yellow based so it matches my skin quite well. The formula is quite light which is perfect for me for summer and I find I don't have a problem with white cast on my photos. If I want to go out and have a heavier coverage I'll just apply my Everyday Minerals Foundation powder on top (in original glo). It smells very fruity but after you apply it the smell goes away. It has a slight peach colour to it but it blends in with your skin tone. I find the peach brightens up my dull skin. So I love it!!
The second foundation I got, Healthy Mix is suppose the have fruit extracts which nourish your skin. It also claims to last 16 hours. I got the darkest shade available here which is #56 Light Bronze and it just matches my skin. The formula feels a little heavier than my 10 Hour Sleep effect. I haven't worn this yet. I think I might try it during winter and review it then.

♥ Reeskies

Monday, February 15, 2010

Liparazzi Competition

Liparazzi is having a competition for all subscribers check it out!!

here is what you can win

best of all its open to international followers!!!

First Post + Haul!!

Hi I'm Areesah and this is my first blog post!

I live in Sydney, Australia and I'm currently studying Environmental Forensics. I've always wanted a make up/ beauty/ fashion blog, so here it is!!

I'll start off with my haul...

I went shopping the other day at my local shopping centre

I ended up getting:

Napoleon's NP Press powder in Look 5 which is a medium/dark colour. Its a little bit light for me right now so I might use it during winter or underneath bronzer.

I got 3 Rimmel shadows in romance, spun gold and live show

Romance is a pinkish white colour with a slight silver shimmer it makes a nice highlight colour
Spun Gold is a light bronze colour with gold shimmer
and Live show is a pretty teal colour with silver shimmer ( I cant wait to use this colour!!)

Another eye shadow I got is this Model's Prefer Summer Quad

I wasn't going to buy it because it was a cheap brand (only $5 for the palette) but I tried the two blues and fell instantly in love. It was actually quite pigmented. Only trouble I found was that the shadow falls out after you apply so you definitely need to use an eyeshadow base with this.

The blush I got was by Bourjois in Lilas D'or, Bourjois blushers are my fave. They are baked so they are very pigmented and they are quite long lasting.

Lilas D'or is a nice pink colour with gold shimmer. Its so pretty If you have tanned skin it gives you a nice dewy glow. I love it!!!

I also got 3 lipsticks

The Revlon Matte in Nude attitude
and 2 Maybelline Volume XL Seductions in Berry Desirable and Tantalizing Toffee I havent tried these yet, but I been collecting the Maybelline XL's, I loved the Pink Plum colour so I been trying to get all the colours. I'll be doing a separate post on this lipstick soon

Anyways that is all for now. Ciao!