Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion Haul: Ladakh Warehouse Sale

Today I went to the Ladakh Warehouse Sale. When I got there there was a line and the warehouse was packed full of girls looking for a bargains. The smart ones brought along their boyfriends to carry their stash. Every item was $10 which included jeans, dresses, tops, etc. I had a practical class so I was only ale to rummage through the clothes for 40 minutes which was difficult because there was clothes everywhere. I ended up having to get most pieces one size up because there was barely any small sizes left. Since everything was $10 they decided not to have a change room so I pretty much winged it and grabbed whatever looked decent without really thinking. In total I ended up getting 15 item in total. Which is crazy for me because I hardly shop a lot. Most my items have studs. I think it's my inner rock chick in me. I wasn't able to post all the pics because they came out really blurry but here's some of the stuff I got.

i got 2 shorts a distressed white one and studded denim and 2 tops. One of them was a crop top. I love crop tops, I wear them at the beach and when I do my yoga. I will probably have to wait till summer to wear these though.

 The is my first maxi dress I've ever purchased. I didn't really like it that much but once I got home and tried it I felt so pretty in it. The lighting sucks it's actually purpley. 

I thought this dress would look pretty on but I'm not so fond of it. But I'll definitely wear it on my next night out though. It just plain white with gold sequins, the back is strappy though.

here are a couple of of casual dresses, I think I have to iron these out because they look a lil frumpy, but I think these will look nice if a pair them with a nice belt and some accessories.
I also got some plain black dresses, with a lil twist. The back of these dresses are so nice. One of these dresses is a bit big so I need to sew it. 
this top looked so nice on the rack but doesnt look so flattering... sigh.... I'll try to make it work though the neck line is too pretty.
i love this top is loose and sheer the, photo doesn't do it any justice. I can't wait to wear this to the beach with a bikini underneath.

All the clothes were from the summer line, it's close to winter here so I have to wait to wear some of these =( I think I'm going to stay away from sales from now on though I'm really bad at resisting.

Fave trends at the moment:
studs, loose fitting clothing, zips, off shoulder shirts, lots of bangles

thanks for reading x also thanks to all the lovely ladies who comment and follow my blog. love you!!!


  1. Welcome back! Its been awhile girl. :D
    Nice clothing haul, btw.

  2. thanks sweetie. I know I need to stop being lazy with my blogging!!!

  3. I LOVE that second dress on you!!! Great haul, I would totally buy the same things :)

  4. Ooh wow everything was $10!! thats crazy! good purchases though! :) i wish they had that sale in melbourne!

  5. love the two casual white dresses and then the little black one. the white ones would be perfect with a brown belt and flowers in the hair *always girly*

    please, if you like, enter my teeny tiny giveaway with a surprise here:

  6. Love the maxi dress, especially the back of it. I also love the black dresses you chose as well.

    New follower. (follow back please)

  7. you picked up some awesome peices ;) ....I love that long maxi dress!

  8. OMG. Why oh why doesn’t Ladakh have a warehouse sale in Melbourne *sighs*
    I would have gone absolutely crazy in there!
    Good deals babe and all the items you got are gorgeous!
    I really like the maxi and the oversized singlets you got !

    Also in regards to your comment – the courses are expensive but its because there like $1,500 each :\ but they supply you with all the books, tools etc so I guess it kinda makes up for it!
    Not to sure if I’ll do it this year anymore as I might be going overseas end of the year :\ see how I go ! hehe

    Hope your well


  9. Wow!! You got some really cute dresses!! Love the black one! xoxoxoxoo

  10. Wow, great purchases! The maxi dress is especially nice.

    I can't believe I missed out on this sale!

  11. Nice picks! I really like the white casual dress and I agree- with a belt would look so awesome!!!

  12. LOVE it
    your blog is so inspirational
    keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always!


  13. Cute! Nice blog. I'm a new follower. Please check out my blog and follow if you like it as well.

  14. oo i love all those dresses! super sexy!