Monday, February 22, 2010

Summer Favourites ♥

It's nearly the end of summer for Australia. I thought I would share my favourite beauty products that helped me survive the summer.

#1 Kojic Acid Soap
I got this soap while I was on holidays initially to help even my skin tone. I ended up trying it on my face and it help get rid of all my nasty breakouts. I help this kind of soap gives a tingly sensation but it was fine for me, it was probably because I got the soap for sensitive skin. I'm not sure if its doing much to even my skin tone I think I will need to use it longer. But it's given me clear skin so, so far I'm in love with this soap!!

#2 Australis Jumbo Bronzer
It's huge so you can use a large brush and brush it over your body. It's light but pigmented and best of all... its a natural bronze brown colour so you wont look like a carrot. And best of all it's affordable too!!

#3 Face of Australia Primer
I bought this to replace my Model Co. primer. It's not as good as Model Co. but it does the job. Now that its summer I've found primer is a must and I needed an inexpensive primer that I could use daily. I gave this a shot and thought it was actually pretty good. Even sweating out in the Australian heat my foundation would still last the day. I'm probably going to keep sticking with this to use during the day and use my Model Co. primer on nights out.

#4 Revlon Matte Lipstick - Mauve it over
I used this nearly everyday in summer. The colour is nice and subtle. It's great if you want a neutral look with a touch of colour

#5 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch 50+ Sunblock
I bought this when I was in Taiwan since Australia does not sell anything higher than 30+ sunscreen (it's illegal to sell that here in fact). I wish I got this earlier before I burnt my face. Anyways I thought it was way better than my 30+ sunblock, I didn't get burnt while using this product. Only problem was I kept forgetting to reapply this.

I guess that my top 5 for this summer, another honorable mention would be my clean and clear oil control film. I think it's oneof my staple product to use all year round

thanks for reading

xo Reeskies

sorry i dont have proper pics =( I'm still cameraless

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