Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bourjois Sale

Priceline is currently having a bourjois sale. 50% off all items!!!! I'm not sure if the sale is still on but its worth a try to check it out. I ended up getting two foundations. First was the Hour Sleep Effect foundation and second one was the healthy mix. I also picked up a Maybelline XL seduction lipstick in Petal Attraction to add to my collection. I now have 6 of the 10 colours. I'm not sure if I'll be getting anymore, I think I might wait until the Color Sensational Lipcolor comes out in Australia.

I find buying foundations in Australia hard for me because colour selection here is so bad here for anyone who has darker skin. Sometimes even the darkest foundation ends up being too light for me. Lucky for me Bourjois actually has colours to match my skin tone. After the discount the foundations ended up being around $15 AUD each which is very cheap for foundation here.

The 10 hour Sleep Effect is what I'm currently using for summer. The colour I'm using is abricote' 75. It's yellow based so it matches my skin quite well. The formula is quite light which is perfect for me for summer and I find I don't have a problem with white cast on my photos. If I want to go out and have a heavier coverage I'll just apply my Everyday Minerals Foundation powder on top (in original glo). It smells very fruity but after you apply it the smell goes away. It has a slight peach colour to it but it blends in with your skin tone. I find the peach brightens up my dull skin. So I love it!!
The second foundation I got, Healthy Mix is suppose the have fruit extracts which nourish your skin. It also claims to last 16 hours. I got the darkest shade available here which is #56 Light Bronze and it just matches my skin. The formula feels a little heavier than my 10 Hour Sleep effect. I haven't worn this yet. I think I might try it during winter and review it then.

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