Friday, April 23, 2010

Thanks Jahnice!!!

Hi everyone... I'm so happy a couple of days ago I received a cute package from the gorgeous jahnice, it was a prize that I won in her blog contest.

it was a mystery gift so I had no clue was I was gonna get. But I was definitely happy with what I received!!! I cant wait to try the nail colours been wanting to get a decent blue colour for a while now. 

I was suppose to post this earlier but I had to go to bathurst and camp out there because and boyfriend, his brother and his dad was involved in some car race thing. So I had no communication with the outside world. Plus I didn't know I was going until 30 minutes before hand so I couldn't even charge my phone. Straight after the camp trip I had an exam straight after so yeah was a busy week. But at least my boyfriend got a trophy.

It was also hard for my to post anything both my laptop and my boyfriends laptop is no longer working but lucky for me I set up my old computer in my apartment so I have something to use. For some reason everything electronic breaks around me.

I really need to start posting more.... I'm so lazy I know but I get distracted easily!!! I'm also thinking of doing tutorials tooo, hmmmmm.

Also I forgot to mention I finally got a new haircut, I haven't cut my hair since December. I'm not too fond of it. No matter where I get my hair cut and how I tell them to cut my hair I also end up with the Rachel-do (from Friends). Its like as soon as they hear the word layers automatically that's what they think I want.

And don't forget to visit Jahnice's Blog!!!!


  1. Great prize! Congrats on winning! Glad to a see fellow blogger win! :]

  2. Great gift, the nail colours are pretty.
    As for the hair, try taking pics in and be VERY specific about what you want. Ask people who;'s hair you like where they get it cut and go on recommended hairdressers. That's what I did and oh my god, love my hairdresser. She's only 17 but she's fantastic.