Saturday, April 3, 2010

Model Co Primer Kicks Ass

Model Co Face Base Skin Primer has been my favourite primer for many years. I try to make the most of it so I only use it on weekend and nights out and I use a cheaper primer (by face of australia) on the weekdays. I was close to running out but lucky for me I found out there was a sale at David Jones. Currently they are doing 30% off all primers and foundations. I'm using it in my current pic and it makes your skin look flawless and it fills in any lines or pores on your face.

At first it was a hassle for me to get this primer. The David Jones at Burwood was sold out and there wasn't a Model Co worker in there I asks the other David Jones staff but they didn't know if there was anymore left stored somewhere else. I went in another day and the staff were too busy talking amongst them selves to serve me so I just left. I ended up going to David Jones in the city. Lucky for me there was still plenty of primer left. The shop assistant was really nice too and she told me if I bought two primers not only do I get the discount but I also receive a free Model Co gift set. I couldn't resist.

The gift set looks really nice in the picture but the products are really small. It comes with a little bag, black eyeliner pencil, mirror, lipgloss, lipstick, mini primer and a mini bronzer. Still pretty good though.

If you live in Australia and love Model Co I reckon I should go to David Jones and check it out this weekend as I think the offer will expire by Monday.

And now to talk about the primer...

In Australia this costs $34 (without the discount) Which is decent for a high quality primer. You can buy it online at the Model Co website or you can buy this at department stores such as David Jones or Myer.

If you don't like silicon or cant wear silicon this is probably something to avoid because it's pretty much silicon in a bottle.

How I use it
Initially I found this hard to use and I hated it at first. If you don't use it correctly you'll find it peeling while you are applying foundation.

I normally apply moisture and eye gel before I apply my primer and leave it for about 10 mins to absorb.

Next I apply the primer... it says to use liberally but I only use about 2 small pea size drops and apply it all over my face with my finger tips.

I then leave it to dry for about 2 to 2 1/2 mins. The texture is very velvety and smooth. The primer is clear too, Im not a fan of primer with colour in it because it makes my face look super white in pics

After that I apply my foundation with a light hand and then I'm done!!

It makes your foundation last at least 10 hours (of course depending on the foundation). I'm not sure how long exactly it lasts as I don't usually leave my foundation on my face any longer than 10 hours. Make sure you was your face thoroughly afterwards though since this primer has alot of silicon in it.

Overall I love this primer.

Anyways hows everyones long weekend? Minds great I been lazy instead of studying. Also I been addicted to my bf's iphone. I was planning to make my own layout but yeah looks like that ain't happening!!

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