Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FOTD - Seeing Silver

Just a quick FOTD I'm using my new 88 warm palette and my fave Revlon matte lippie in mauve it over. I'm also trialling my new foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix without primer to see how long it actually lasts (it claims 16 hours...) Im still cameraless, so sorry for the crappy quality I'm using my video camera to take snap shots.

Anyways.. how's everyones New years resolution going so far? I made a few my major ones is to keep myself more organised and my second one was to get fit and healthy. I kinda failed at the organisation one but I'm using the excuse that I've just moved out and haven't got settled yet. As for being healthy I'm pretty proud of myself. I still eat naughty food but I've increased the amount of fruit and veges I eat throughout the day. Also I been doing yoga about 5 times a week and I've kept at it. Usually I give up an exercise routine after 2 weeks. I feel so much better now.

Anyways I'm off, have a nice day =)

PS I removed my eyelash extension (im wearing red cherry temporary lashes in the pic), I just hated them for so many reasons and yes it was painful....


  1. wow!you look hot here,very pretty=)

  2. I love the look! It's so pretty. And I love your lip color! I've been looking for a similar color for a while but I can never find one that's good with my skin tone and doesn't make me look like a zombie. I'll have to be on the look out for this color!

    <3 Winsley

  3. This is nooooice! the silver makes me think... "ice cold platinum bitch" sick!

    I must be the only person that doesn't own an 88 palette.

  4. thanks aiyoh ♥

    @Diwimakeup I love this lippie too I cant wear much nude lipsticks cos it makes me look sick but this has just enough colour

    @ for the fierce: lol, I just bought the 88 palette and I love it