Friday, March 5, 2010

Eyelash Extensions

Hi there!!! This Wednesday I got my first eyelash extensions.

Basically what happened was my friend told me about this beauty salon called Catwalk, that they were looking for models for staff to train on for eyelash extensions. I was a bit iffy but I thought I'd give it a go because I know teachers are there watching them and won't let you go out unless it was up to their standards. Plus I always wanted to try them as an alternative to wearing false lashes and mascara.

They later called to confirm the date and told me I had to pay $15 to cover the cost of the lashes. I was pretty pissed because I knew it didn't cost that much for the lashes and I felt like I was paying for the staffs training, I was put on the spot so I just said yes anyways.
When I got there we were seated in in the seats with the basins were they use to wash hair. And then they pulled out the lashes. It was these:

As soon as a saw them I was like "crap" these are the ones I use at home (as temporary lashes) and I old my friend I pay $5.90 for those. I was hoping they would use the single lash ones so I was disappointed when I saw these clusters as I knew it wasn't going to look great especially when your lashes start to grow out. But it was too late to back out I was already sitting in the chair and I had already paid for the lashes.
The glue was black so it wasn't really noticeable, the fumes really make your eyes teary. I recommend having tissues in your hand. What they did was place each clustered lash underneath the lash line. So pretty much from the top they don't look so fake. I asked for a natural look so they placed short lashes in the middle to inner corner and the medium size lashes in the middle the outer corners of my eye.

The end result...
more pics at the end...

They don't look too bad in the pictures but in person they are obviously fake. When I got home one side look alright but one side look like they put short lashes when they were suppose to put medium. So I'm going to need to try and shape these myself. I did ask the trainer to fix them up and trim them but she didn't really do that great of a job. The glue dries really hard and all your lashes feel like they are stuck together. So my lashes ended up feeling like plastic. I also feel like I can see my lashes and they take a 1/4 of my vision. Initially your eyes feel heavy but it goes away in about 1 to 2 days. Overall they are not that bad it just looks like I put dramatic false lashes on. If they do it right i shouldn't feel uncomfortable so when your don't wait around for 30 mins and start opening and closing your eyes to make sure you don't feel anything. I didn't do this and when I got home I realised they glued one lash to far in and was hitting the skin.
These last about 3 weeks and they give you a guide on how to take care of them, I'm actually doing the opposite in hope the glue wears off and the false lashes will eventually fall off. So far not working the glue is very strong, in fact I think they probably put too much, but I guess they were training.

So is it a good idea to be a test dummy. At this place probably not. There was so many trainee staff working on me so the lashes were not consistent. Plus the trainers weren't watching half the time. I also felt some of the trainees were just doing it for the hell of it not because they really wanted to learn. It doesn't mean being a model is bad. I've been a model before and as long as you got a student who's really into what they are doing and there is a teacher constantly guiding them its usually fine. It just usually would take double the time of whatever you are doing. Also most places won't charge you.
Overall I'm so so on these lashes. I do not regret getting them done but I would not get these done at the same place again, even if it was by a properly trained staff. If I get eyelash extension again I will definitely ask whether they are using the single lashes or clusters because these did not look natural. I find my red cherry temporary lashes look better. I find it looks too full on especially going to class. Also it attracts weirdos. I been getting perverts hassling me on the train and I know its because of the lashes. Basically I don't hate them but I can't to get these off!!
here's the rest of the pics....

from the top

This eye they did ok except if you can see there was a lash that they glued to so it felt so uncomfortable but i managed to get rid of it

I didn't like this eye they either placed some wrong sized hairs or missed a spot.

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  1. I tried eyelash extensions during my stay in singapore, and I felt uncomfortable with them, the glued parts were very obvious, and I always feel sleepy coz I find them a bit heavy LOL, I feel so bad, so frustrated that I pulled them one by one( I dont advice you to do it though lol), it hurts like hell!haha, stupid me, i dont have eyelashes for about 3 weeks! imagine that?From then on, I never dared myself to get an eyelash extension again,, but not anymore when I saw sis shen of shensaddiction eyelash extensions, haha, I might give in again lol..thanks for dropping by my blog sis, I really appreciate it*hugz*